Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Models, Clothes, and Tee Pees

This last weekend we had our semi-annual photo shoot. About every 6 months, I go mysteriously missing in preparation for the huge (well, to me, at least) event. I may have the nanny come over a little more, snap at my husband a little more (sorry, Hun), and act a little crazier than normal, but it seems to be a little more "worth it" every time too.

I can never seem to keep up with those moms "doing it all"! Source: Pinterest (Where else?) 

I always try to stay ahead of the game and start a week or so earlier than what I think I actually need to; yet, somehow, I still ALWAYS wind up sewing into the wee hours of 3 AM the night before the photo shoot. My friends and family always joke that I am running my own legitimate "sweat shop" (especially since the air conditioning is pretty much non-existent in my studio). [I am terribly sorry if this offends anyone].

I am starting to find that organizing a fashion shoot is a little like planning a wedding. You want everything to be perfect, because you only get one shot. And, of course, when you're wanting everything to go perfect, it usually does NOT. You're coordinating models/ their families {for the kiddos}, assistants, photographers, manufacturers, {your family schedule}, studio time, etc. I nearly killed someone because I ordered a tee pee that didn't arrive on time for the children's photo shoot. Yes. A tee pee. In hind-sight, really not that big of deal (though, I received the tee pee yesterday, and I'm pretty much obsessed. Nix is the cutest thing I've ever seen playing in it. Maybe it's his native side coming out? ;) )

I apologize for the horrible quality of this photo; it's just the perfect caption of his excitement!

I'm pretty excited to share some sneak peeks with you. This fall/winter season, we're taking things to a whole new level. With the exception of a few small pieces, our kids collection will be entirely from OAK (my own handmade label), and our women's collection will be a variety of gorgeous new brands, including Love Stitch (often found at Nordstrom). You'll find a ton of native influence mixed with a hint of industrial-chic inspiration. It's the perfect collection to fit your many "everyday roles". Whether you and your little are playing at the park, headed out to a holiday gathering, or you're at the office, or in class, we're sure to have something perfect to fit what you're looking for!

OAK Children's Collection Sneak Peek; Paired with gorgeous moccs from Happy and the Hectic

Lucky enough to have these gorgeous ladies modeling for our shop!

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