Kindred OAK: Our Story  

The Oak Clothing Line started on a late November night with a $15-Craigslist sewing machine and my hopes to create the perfect pair of pants for my son, Nixon. The pants were a hit, and after raving reviews from family and friends, I knew I had discovered my passion.

"...after raving reviews from family and friends, I knew I had discovered my passion."

KindredOAK.com is inspired by my clothing line, OAK. I am dedicated to provide you with unique and trendy fashion items from my own line as well as some of my other favorite brands.

"As a mom, it's important to me that I have something comfortable,

convenient and stylish all at the same time."

9 years in the fashion industry has taught me that not all clothing companies are the same. As a consumer, and a new mom, I know how difficult it can be to find items that are stylish and comfortable, for not only myself, but the entire family, all in one convenient place. Our goal at KindredOAK is to provide a family-inspired clothing company that features quality items everyone will love, even those like my fashion-backwards husband :)

The journey for us thus far has been an exciting one! We are thrilled with the great responses we have had and look forward to putting a few more confident and fashion-friendly smiles in the world!
So, please, stay a while and enjoy yourself! Pick something up for yourself while you do your shopping for the rest of the family; it's okay, we won't tell!

- Paige and the Kindred OAK team


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