Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fitted Crib Sheet Tutorial

I'm so excited to share my first tutorial with you! It's extremely easy and can be done by even beginners! 

Fitted Crib Sheets.

You will need....

1. A piece of fabric 45" wide by 72" (2 yards) long. I prefer a soft quilters cotton, but you can use what you feel is best.

2. Approximately 75" ish of 1/4" elastic ( I just bought a pre-packaged 3 yard elastic)

3. Sewing  machine and thread.

4. Scissors or a rotary blade

5. Tape measure or dress-makers ruler

6. Pins

Let's get started!

Start with your fabric folded in half length-wise (or "hot dog style") and measure a square 8" x 8" on the open (not folded) side of the fabric. Flip your fabric and do the same on the other end (again, not on the folded side). This will be the base for your corner.

When you open up your fabric, it should look like this on both ends.

Pull the edges of the square you just cut to meet...

... And pin them together.

Then stitch them shut! If you have a serger, this would be a great way to finish the edges; I have a mock-serge stitch and just used that, but you can also use a basic zig-zag to ensure durability through washes.

Mock-serge edges

After you're finished stitching up all 4 corners, flip them right side out and they should look like this.

Now we're going to add the casing for the elastic...

Fold your edge over .25" and press, all the way around the sheet.

Now press the edge over again, but .5" this time, and pin.

Sew along your casing, close the open edge, making sure to leave about 1" open to insert your elastic.

It's time to add the elastic! (You're almost done! woot-woot!)

Take your .25" elastic and measure out approximately 75" (you can make this a little tighter/ looser depending on the amount of stretch you would like to have when you place the sheet on the mattress)....

Attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic.

Use this pin to guide your elastic through your entire casing, and out the other open end.

Once you reach the other end of the opening, zig-zag stitch your elastic together. Make sure you give it a pretty heavy-duty stich; you don't want this to come undone! Stitch the opening shut.

Now flip that sheet right side out (if it's not already) and, if you're a little anal like me, iron it! haha This is definitely not required. Place it on the mattress and YOU'RE DONE! YAY! See, I told you it was easy! (Lenny likes it too! ;) )

I want to see your finish products! Make sure you share them in the comments below!

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