Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today my post is about marriage.

Sunday was our one-year anniversary, and though this may seem  like nothing to some of the great relationships that have withstood the test of time, they say the first year is the hardest, right? In this year, I have learned SO much about myself, and of course my husband. Here is what I have learned about being married...

Christian and I are both BIG dreamers. This can be extremely difficult sometimes because we are so opposite and often have very different goals (mostly career-wise). Running a brand new business, while being a stay-at-home mom to an almost two-year-old, and being married to an ambitious husband preparing for medical school takes its toll on you some days, but it gives the biggest rewards too. We have learned what it is to truly compromise. We have learned how to communicate and share what is really on our mind, and we continue to get better at this every day. I cannot stress enough what great communication can do for a relationship. After all, men (or women, for that matter) are not mind readers! This is sometimes easy to forget ;)

For as much as you compromise in a marriage, it is so vitally important that you surround yourself with amazing, supportive friends that you can have "me-time" with. It's important to have things you do separate from each other or you start becoming less like a couple, and too much like one person... Find things that make you happy individually and you may discover something new about yourself or about one another. You'll find yourself appreciating your time together a lot more too.

Marriage really is a lot of work, but I also believe that you get what you put into it. The harder you work, the greater your relationship will be. It's not just about these two people being together forever; it's about two individuals learning how to better themselves, how to become more selfless and how to encourage each other to grow into something wonderful. 

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